1. Proofread and Edit: At $0.015 (one cent and a half) a word, I will correct basic grammar and punctuation errors in your manuscript. Once you send me your book in Microsoft Word format, I will return the finished product to you within 2-3 weeks for projects 40,000 words or less. Longer works will be returned in 6-8 weeks.
  2. Substantive Edit: This is where I sit down, crack my knuckles while sipping a lip-burning cup of coffee and go through your manuscript with a magnifying glass (figuratively). I will address both semantics and syntax, making your work next to flawless. At $0.03 (three cent) per word, I will correct grammatical and punctuation errors and return your manuscript to you within 3-4 weeks for works 40,000 words or less. Longer manuscripts will be returned in 6-8 weeks. Changes will be tracked in the document. 
  3. Manuscript Evaluation: At $0.01 (one cent) per word, I examine your story’s plot, structure and character development. I check for plot holes and highlight them. Afterwards, I provide you with an editorial letter detailing my findings, suggestions and free resources that will further guide you down the revision path. You will have your manuscript back within 2-3 weeks if the manuscript is less than 40,000 words or 4-6 weeks for longer works.
  4. Editorial Letter: For a flat rate of $300, I will edit and evaluate the first 10,000 words of your manuscript. I will return the finished product within 2 weeks.

How do I sign up?

Just send me a message using the sign-up box. Be specific, and include your genre, word count and when you would like to start.

What genres do you edit?

There is no genre I do not edit. However, I specialize in editing fiction. Also, if you’re wondering, I love reading Science Fiction, Urban Novels, Fantasy, and Literary Fiction.

Alright. I’m sold, but what qualifies you to edit or evaluate my work?

I have over fourteen years of professional editing and writing experience. Also, I have two degrees in writing: A BA of English Writing and MFA of Creative Writing.

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